Varco International is industry 4.0

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The Industry 4.0 package was designed to accompany the entrepreneurial fabric to what is called the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 essentially translates into a series of measures, economic incentives and facilitations for the digital development of businesses.
The Industry 4.0 Plan provides for the implementation of a series of measures and facilities for businesses aimed at the implementation of digital technologies in corporate production.

Our systems allow them to be integrated with special automation systems for industry 4.0, in order to allow our customers to adhere to the facilities provided.
In this regard, Varco International proposes a system management software system which, in relation to the type of system proposed, contains the necessary implementations in compliance with the following characteristics:
Control by means of PLC;
Interconnection to factory computer systems;
Integration with the factory logistic system;
Simple and intuitive man-machine interface;
Compliance with the latest safety standards.
Furthermore, it will be possible to have immediate remote maintenance, remote diagnosis, and remote control: all parameters will be under control.
The plant will be integrated with a series of sensor sets for continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters.

Varco International offers suitable solutions, in compliance with the requirements and characteristics that the standard imposes, depending on the type of system required:
- Powder coating plant 4.0
- Liquid painting plant 4.0
- Spray booth 4.0
- Painting oven 4.0




Varco International is industry 4.0